Sky's the Limit

Whether it's Spikeball at the beach, throwing a party, or bringing a digital camera to your next Bachelorette trip. We've got you covered.

Look through our six categories: Play, Adventure, Tech, Style, Holiday, and Party to figure out what item you want to try out.

At your Doorstep

When you checkout on our website you will be prompted to give your phone number. One day before your delivery date we will text you to schedule a delivery time. Please make sure you are home at the time of your delivery! We will only give packages to people in person to ensure your new adventure item makes it to you safely.

No Hassle Pick Up

One day before your last rental day we will text you again with a time to pick up your item. Simply hand it back to one of our awesome staff members and you are all set!


Questions and Answers

What happens if I break an item?

Unfortunately, while we are still growing as a company we cannot cover every item that is broken or stolen. While we wish to easily be able to cover these mistakes in the future it is not a possibility for us right now. You will be charged the full cost of the item if you damage it beyond repair.

What happens if I miss my delivery?

No worries. Please just text us or reach out to us via our care email and we will reschedule another time.

Can I rent my own items?

In Phase 2 of our company's launch we are going to develop a platform that will allow peer-to-peer rentals. Right now, all items are rented exclusively through Oyster's inventory.